Saturday, November 6, 2010

2 out of my 3 pumpkins

ava and i picked up maddie from school the other day and decided to swing by the st. luke's pumpkin patch for a few minutes before we needed to go get ella!!!! i just happened to have my camera in my car because i had been to mrs. sumlin'sbirthday celebration that morning!!! perfecto!!!

maddie had a blast running around and rearranging tiny little pumpkins...and avahad a blast sucking on as many pumpkins as possible!!!! ewww!!

it was a fun time...and it's neat to see maddie in her role of "big sister" when ella is not around! she's really funny and LOVES to dote on ava! she's at such a precious stage...well, all three of them are really...but on this particular day...i just loved spending time with two out of my three pumpkins...

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