Friday, October 22, 2010

red, white, & boo

last thursday was a milestone in my life. it was the end of an obligation that i have been mulling over for OVER A YEAR! it was the first baptist church school's fall carnival!!!!! i was asked to be on the decorations committee...and i said...YES!!!!

it really wasn't that bad...until i stood on my feet for 13 hours...and crippled myself for the entire weekend!!! HA!

all joking was a fun time and i feel really blessed to have served on a committee with such great girls...which i now consider friends! my tuesday mornings are going to seem awfully lonely!!!!

the other lady on my committee is a creative genius (along with many members of her family) and was such a firecracker!!! she deserves lots of praise!

the carnival was a huge success and i think that our decorations were great! my kiddos thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon...

for now, i'm too scared to commit to next year...:) so i'll just enjoy the pics!!!

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john, julia, and annie said...

I just caught up on your blog...HAPPY BELATED BDAY TO Ava!! Oh MY on that b'day party!! I'm just amazed at the creative genius/professional mother that you are. Miss you much and love all of the Price clan!