Sunday, October 3, 2010

she'll always be my baby...

i can't even begin to describe what my heart feels right now when i think about my tiny baby daughter...ava. it truly seems inconceivable to me that she has been a part of our family for one year and if i was given the opportunity to freeze time...let me tell ya...i would.
your in "your birth day!!"

her birthday was such an amazing experience. jeffrey and i had made the decision to keep the baby's gender a surprise...and i was beyond excited to finally meet the fifth little member of our family. this tiny little person that had been kicking me, snoozing to the sound of my heartbeat, rolling around my tummy, and receiving lots of "kisses" from big sisters was about to make their debut. i will never, ever forget the moment SHE was placed on my chest.

the fact that she was a she came as quite a shock to me. but the fact that i loved her with a kind of love that takes your breath away was no shock at all. she was perfect. oh so tiny.

our third daughter.

3 months

i'll admit that the shock didn't leave right away...but please don't mistake this shock as disappointment...because there was NONE of that...i just couldn't believe that our precious third child was a girl.

and just how God has a way of beautifully writing our story...i could never have anticipated how much this third little girl would sweep me off my feet...and completely steal my heart.

as she is just learning how to take those first steps, my desire to protect her, hold her, and smother her with kisses is unending. she is a love. her temperament is so wonderful and her eyes are captivating. since the day she was born, she has loved my arms...and those same arms have spent countless nights snuggling her.

jeffrey still teases me about the fact that i can't ever let her cry. on sunday, while sitting in church listening to the sermon...i heard her. her cry. from the nursery. i guess a mother just knows...and i couldn't get to her quick enough. as soon as our eyes met...she quieted. i love that only i can comfort her like that...

that she's my daughter...and she knows i love her.

ava at 6 months

we are so blessed with three amazing little girls...and we can hardly wait to see ava keeping up with her best pals. ella and maddie no doubt love that precious bundle with everything they have...

we celebrate our ava today. the day of her birth. the day that God knew we needed yet another special baby girl. the day that another piece of my heart became the property of someone else. the day that that same heart started beating for someone else. say that i love you seems just a little too simple. you have brought so much love into our home and we could not feel more blessed. i look forward to tea parties, proms, and wedding planning...all the things that i get to do...because YOU are my special, special daughter. i may have only had this one year to hold you...but you have always been a part of my story...and i thank God that He chose me to be your mommy. you are yet another angel and i celebrate you today on your special 1st birthday!!!

ava on her 1st birthday!!!


Lisa said...

Love the words and the pictures. Great job. It does go by so fast and I do wish we could slow it down. But I promise it's still fun when they grow up! Enjoying the people they become is good too. Love you.

Cavers said...

Mere~Ava has changed so much!!! She is a cutie pie! I always love reading your blog! Miss you!

Emily said...

Mere, you always have such a beautiful way of expressing your love for your girls. It makes my heart smile.

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...