Friday, July 2, 2010

just a swimmin'...

that's what these little girls like to do! back in march, both ella & maddie started taking lessons at the swim school...and although maddie detests going...they sure have helped and the girls have LoVeD the pool this summer!

it's been especially nice to go to "sweetie's" and swim in our private pool...because who doesn't like to swim with just a floatie every once in a while!!!!!
even little bit likes to take a dip...if mommy and daddy are holding on tightly!!!!

that would be maddie...and her big splash! she and ella also love jumping off the diving board so we invented a couple of games. they love for me to ask them questions like "what's your favorite fruit?" or "what's your favorite color?" and they answer while they're jumping in! they love to play another "jumping game" with their daddy where they pretend to type on the computer, eat a sandwich, or lay on the couch while they are jumping! it's precious...

it's been such a fun summer...i just wish i could freeze it wouldn't go by so fast!

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Amy Scheel Theriot said...

How many times did we play that game at Riverside!? Love love love the memories!