Friday, July 9, 2010

happy, happy 4th of july...

we spent the 4th at the roberts' camp on lake bustineau and it was so much fun! the girls played and played...and we enjoyed ourselves so much! jeffrey had to round out the night with a competitive game of ping pong causing us to be the LAST people to know, those people...but i love that i am able to share this tradition that is so near and dear to me with my family. i hope that we are able to keep it up for many years to come!!!!

as you can see, ella was scarce for most of the pictures because she was enjoying the company of the older girls...making duct tape bracelets! maddie had a blast with laurel & mary marshall...enjoying her first sips of hawaiian punch out of a can! yes, i know...don't remind me...i got my bachelor's degree in dietetics...but it's a holiday, right?!?!?! baby ava thoroughly enjoyed being lots of people...but did not thoroughly enjoy the fireworks!!!! we just hung out inside!

it was such a fun evening...and just like every year...we were able to see some fireworks during our drive home!

it truly was a happy 4th of july!!!!

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