Sunday, July 18, 2010

just a little taste...

of something besides baby food! ava had her very first teething biscuit the other day and she LOVED it! she was incredibly messy when she was finished and i'm always incredibly nervous when they first start "eating"...but what's the point of teething biscuits if you wait until you have all your teeth!!!!!!

it was a fun little activity for my tiny little "two teethed" peanut...and her big sis maddie even joined in on the action! she had to partake of one too...although this time, she wasn't the most messy eater!!!!!

it is unbelievable that we are rounding the corner to our baby's first birthday...when she won't just be eating "baby biscuits"...she'll be eating CAKE! this year has truly flown by...and she has most definitely melted my heart on a daily basis!!!! she's certainly a mommy's girl...and i'm certainly an ava lover!!!!!

i love the way she's looking at me like "really...i can have this?!?!"

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Emily said...

So worth the mess. She is so beautiful, Mere.