Saturday, July 10, 2010

getting the green thumb...

over here in broadmoor!!!

it has always been jeffrey's and my desire to be "good" at gardening...but in the past, i can honestly say i could pretty much kill a fake plant! well, this year we vowed to be different! jeffrey read up on some "how to" garden info, made a raised planter stocked with fresh mushroom compost, took some tips from friends, and just took the leap of faith to see if we could pull it off!

low and behold, we are doing it!!!!!
while we certainly haven't produced a crop of anything yet, our tomato plants are going strong, our okra are wee tiny but very much there, our watermelon plant has some buds, and well, our cucumbers may very well start growing us in the near future! we also planted bell pepper and blackberries - the plants look healthy, but nothing is blooming!!! unfortunately, we have something weird going on with the soil that our squash and zucchini were planted in and they bit the dust...which is sad because they were thriving in the beginning.

anyway, we got to try our first cucumbers yesterday and they were delicious! maddie and ella each had fun picking their first off of the vine! i grew up with a gran that could literally make anything grow...and i want a tiny piece of that for my children.

we may not have gran's corsicana garden...but we have something...and that's a step in the right direction!