Tuesday, May 25, 2010

clean "teef"...

miss madeline recently engaged in her first real trip to the dentist! she had been before to orient her to the idea of the dentist...but had never really had her pearly whites cleaned! she was such a brave little girl!!!!

she looked so precious in that big apron getting her x-rays made...and so very little!!!! ella was getting her teeth cleaned as well, so maddie opted for big sis to "go first"! i think she wanted to make sure that she was indeed going to let this happen to her!!!! i'm pretty sure that if you asked her...she would tell you that the coolest part of the whole experience was watching television on the ceiling!!!

she was so still and let them check all of her teeth and give them a shine...she wasn't too sure about the flossing and definitely didn't care for the fluoride...but there were no fits and no tears...so i'd say it was a success! the biggest snafu we encountered was the argument that ensued over who was going to take home which toothbrush!!!! poor little ella who has always gotten a "perfect report" has to go back to have two teeth filled and two more "looked at more closely"! seems as though she may have inherited her mommy's teeth genes...poor girl!!!!!

i'm really proud of my girl...and quite frankly a little shocked that our sugar addict has (at least for now)...pristine "teef"...but she's just like her daddy so that shouldn't surprise me!!!!

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