Monday, May 24, 2010

and then she was six...

ella. she's six. she's truly six. been so for about a month now. she looks a little bit older every day to me...but somehow, i can still remember how that little peanut felt on my chest for the very first time. she was the tiniest price baby...with the biggest amount of zest! i marveled at her for fact, i couldn't stop crying every time i looked at her for a few days after we came home from the hospital. i just couldn't believe that she was my daughter...and i was her mommy.

i still marvel at her. she's just precious. her adorable freckles are just one of the million tiny things that make her an amazing little girl.

this amazing little six year old just happens to love we decided to have her party at jill's. twenty of her sweet little girl friends...and a couple of special boys...were invited to come monkey around on the gymnastics floor!

i think that the highlight of the party was being thrown into the foam pit by a couple of the daddies...and watching her aunt carmie do some round off back handsprings!!! oh the laughs and red faces...those kiddos played h.a.r.d!!!!

we all sang to the birthday girl and enjoyed some pizza and yummy pink and purple donuts...requested by the princess (she doesn't do cake...and she has informed me that next year she would like apple pie!!!)!

it was soon time to send all of our tired guests home with little calling cards that i had printed by a very patient and dear friend (thanks're the best!)
i hope that it was a birthday party that she won't soon forget. lots of special people gathering together to celebrate a little life that so far, has been very well lived.

i love her more than life itself. so does her daddy. so does boo. i haven't heard it straight from her mouth...but so does ava! to know ella is to love her.

happy sixth birthday, my sweet one. you'll never know what you mean to me.

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john, julia, and annie said...

didn't we meet her when she was just 2!!!! OH MY! Stop it! She is BEAUTIFUL Mere! And SO ARE YOU! Loved those pictures, loved your message the other day...though it made me sad to think about those homes without us in them still my dreams we still are! I love you guys and we WILL catch up on the phone soon....your 3 girls are YUMMY! Hi to carpenter Jeff too! I wondered if he wished John was helping, our shared fence was great practice!