Sunday, May 23, 2010

adios disney...

but not before we got a little swim in!!!

we woke up to beautiful, blue, sunny skies on april 26th...ella's birthday! we needed to get our last disney breakfast we grabbed some delicious waffles...and ate by the pool while the girls swam like little fishes!!!!

we had to leave the hotel by 12:30 and the girls stayed at the pool until the very last second! we were all sad to say goodbye was probably hardest of all...

i loved every second of this vacation with my family. i loved seeing the unending smiles on the faces of my little people. i loved watching "honey & grandpa" experience special moments with their grand kids. i loved watching ella face her fears with her daddy. i loved watching maddie get chocolate all over her face as she thoroughly enjoyed her many ice cream sandwiches. i loved catching sweet smiles from my precious ava as she effortlessly endured hours upon hours in her car seat.

i. just. loved. it. all.

i look forward to the day that we can go back...but for now...i will just relish in the sweet conversations that i have with ella & maddie...when we reminisce about our trip...and smile and laugh...

because we all remember that is was F.U.N!!!!

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