Thursday, February 18, 2010

sweet baby ava at 4 months...

this little one will make you fall in love with babies...even if you aren't normally a baby person! she is deliriously cute & beautiful all at the same time...has the most precious temperament...nurses like a gold medalist...and has a smile that could melt a polar ice cap!

she has been chewing on anything that comes in contact with her sweet lips, loves for you to "talk" to her, enjoys watching her sisters' antics, weighs 12 pounds 4 ounces and is almost 2 feet long, doesn't mind the least bit spitting up all over everything, has the bluest blue eyes of any price baby as of yet, thoroughly enjoys having her diaper changed, believes with all her heart that bath time must be just short of heaven, wears footed fleece sleepers almost exclusively because who has time for clothes when you have two fast moving older sisters...and is simply...adored.

if i could freeze time i certainly would...because then i wouldn't have to have a heavy heart over the fact that she is already 4 months old...and i wouldn't be able to forget how wonderfully easy ava has been to raise and love. it's not at all that our other sweet girls weren't equally as wonderful and adorable...because oh, they
so's just that ava has this captivating ability to make you need to love her...because the want part is already covered. get my drift? it's ok if you don' may just need to meet her!

stay tuned for pics from her first photo shoot...the camera must love this little lady too!!!!


Megsy said...

scrumptious, simply scrumptious.

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

She gets prettier every day.