Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"mint" to be...

the girls and i saddled up and headed to new orleans today so that we could join jeffrey who is down here taking the louisiana bar exam. we thought that he might need to see his "cheer leading squad" in person!!!!! we have missed him bunches and were so glad to get to see him!

because we needed to beat the "possible snow" that might hit shreveport, the girls both missed their valentine's party at school but we still sent their valentine happies so that they could be exchanged!!!

we decided to give ella's class a "coupon" for a free donut...one of ella's most favorite things! this girl may not eat cookies or cake...but she HEARTS donuts!

since maddie's favorite candy (this could be debatable since sugar is her favorite food) is a york peppermint pattie...i decided to make her a little card that she could give all her puppy friends! she thought they looked "yummy"...and was excited to take them to school!!!! they were super easy to do...and cute too!!!

we wish everyone a "happy heart" day!!!! hope you are surrounded by the people you love the most!!!!


Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Love it! And Maddie has good taste!
(Well, actually, so does Ella. I can't deny the yearning in my heart for Krispy Kremes.)

Our Valentine's parties got snowed out. I was up LATE finishing everything up and then we didn't even get to go! (They'll have them next week, though. So NOW I'm ahead of the game!)

lori mosley said...

you are too much - you were given way too much creativity!

Cavers said...

You are TOO creative!!! I love it!!!