Wednesday, February 24, 2010

an average albany afternoon...

that is absolutely amazing!!!! how do you like that alliteration?!?!

i feel so truly blessed to live in such a wonderful neighborhood...with wonderful neighbors. our girls have the BEST time playing here...and as a mommy, i couldn't ask for anything better. we had the first few glimpses of spring last week and the girls and i were not going to miss out! we dusted the cobwebs off the barbie mustang...strapped ava into the baby bjorn...and took a spin (ok - lots of spins) around the block!

it just so happened that while we were out cruisin', we met some of those wonderful neighbors who were also outside enjoying the beautiful weather...not every day you get to hang out with a future miss america on the front lawn!!!! the girls were playing and then we heard that familiar sound that can inspire shrieks of epic proportions...the ice cream truck! i'm a sucker for it because i remember as a little girl how excited i would get when i would hear that same sound!!! maddie chose her token character popsicle...and ella chose her token bomb pop! what a fun way to end a super fun afternoon!

we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring around here...and spending lots more afternoons outside!

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