Tuesday, February 9, 2010

mardi gras...mardi gras...and more mardi gras!

wow...this year, the prices surpassed a family record and celebrated mardi gras in a bit of an ongoing fashion!!!! believe it or not...below is a condensed version of all of our fun...in backwards order!

we started off heading out to the "krewe of centaur" parade here in shreveport with the big girls...and gran & poppy kept sweet ava for us! (have i mentioned i have the best neighbors in the world?) it would serve as an "appetizer" for us...just getting the girls primed and ready for the big stuff! we all had so much fun though...and ella & maddie caught on to the whole "throw me something mister" very quickly!!!!!

our next stop would be none other than new orleans! laissez les bons temps roulez!!!!! what an experience! our first parade was friday night and it was FREEZING! i was so worried about ava...but she stayed nice and cozy under lots of blankets...and as you'll see - even "caught" a pacifier!!!!! the akers are seasoned veterans and knew just where to set up...and the kiddos had a blast! however, after one parade...my troops were pooped...so we headed home to rest up for round 2!

saturday was so much fun! the weather was gorgeous and the beads were plentiful! we got to see our friends from D.C. which was a treat! ella really enjoyed catching all of the "stuff"...maddie did too...but they liked getting to sit in campbell's ladder the most!!!!! i believe that we will be adding that to our list of necessities for next year! after the morning parade, we met back up with the akers at the endymion parade...and that was a sight to behold! amazing beads, amazing floats, and amazing fun!!!!! maddie got pelted with a bunch of beads though...and that was it for the prices!!!!! at one point, she said "i don't want any more parades!!!"!

on sunday, we prepared for our final mardi gras celebration...the highland parade! once again, it was cold...but the girls had just enough in them to enjoy themselves yet again! however, after having just been in new orleans...i think they were a bit spoiled!

it was such a fun time being together...spending time with good friends...and celebrating! don't ask me what we are going to do with all of our beads...surely they'll come in handy for something!

enjoy the pics (in backwards order!)...but you may want to grab a snack...there's a bunch!!!!


Liz Folds said...

What fun! I so wish I had been down there this year with the Saints winning the Super Bowl!
The girls looked adorable! I can't believe Jeff could party with him taking the bar exam.....guess it was over.
Save the beads....I'll take them...ha,ha! Then I can feel like I was there1

Love you all,
Aunt LeeLee

Dayne said...

Precious daughter.....even though you and the fam live in our town now, I still love reading your thoughts in your family blog. The pictures are adorable of you all. We love you all so much and are so blessed that you are right around the corner. Love, Mom and Honey

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Wow. Looks like y'all had fun. I never imagined you doing the whole Mardi Gras thing. Don't know why.
I also enjoyed all of Maddie's faces in these pics. She had a different expression for each one!! :)