Monday, November 9, 2009

my girl and me... of my three girls and me.

even after being a mommy for just about six years, it still touches me deep down in my heart that i can love someone so completely. i look at ava and can't fully comprehend how this special little girl could feel so much a part of our family already...and only be a mere 35 days old. she depends on me for her very life...and yet, somehow...she breathes life into me. she and her two big sisters. every thought in my head somehow impacts these precious children...from what are they going to eat for dinner - to what they are going to be when they grow up.

ava absolutely breaks my a beautiful way. she has the sweetest temperament and is simply content to be content. she is perfectly accepting of the crazy amounts of love she receives from the "two queen bees"...and let me assure you - it is CRAZY amounts of love.

she is just starting to coo a little bit and i so very much look forward to the way she will begin to interact with all of us more and more. although as i type those words, my heart sinks just a bit because i don't want her to grow up too fast. after all, for now, she is my baby. truth be told...

all three of them are my babies.

now and forever.

and it will always be...

my girl and me.

i just get to take my pick.


Dayne said...

"my honeybees and me" I love those little granddaughters...all three!!!!!

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Precious pics!!!! My fave is the first one! So sweet! (Looks like Ella to me.)