Monday, November 30, 2009

do you hear what i hear?

mommy, can i have an orange? mommy, can i have a hershey kiss? mommy, will you come wipe me? mommy, where are my colors? mommy, where is my "na"? mommy, where are we going next? mommy, can i have a snack? if she could talk...mommy, will you please come nurse me or would someone please just look at me?!?! (bless her heart)

while all of this is absolute music to my ears...most of the will also explain why i haven't been able to blog very often...huhmm...ever!!!!!!

life is zooming by but i definitely don't feel like i'm in the driver's seat...i'm the grasshopper on the hood holding on for dear life...trying not to lose my grip...whew, i look just plain tired!

because i'm SOOOO very behind, i will just have to catch up in "snippets"!!!!!

ella was adorable at her thanksgiving feast was maddie (our little dancing butterfly)...

they were both equally as adorable at kk & dodo's wedding (aka aunt kristin and uncle russell) were my precious nephews. ella debuted as one of her flower girls...and of course, "repeat" had to be an "honorary flower girl" in our eyes! in fact, maddie boo FINALLY got her first hair cut...and she loved every minute of it! she even told me the next day that she wanted to go back and get another one!!!! here's to hoping baby girl...grow hair grow!

we enjoyed having the tucker family join us for thanksgiving five cousins could love each other more! they play so very well together...and it is so incredibly fun to watch them grow up together...taking care of each other at all costs! nate and caleb are certainly "seasoned" veterans at making sure their girls are safe...and of course, ella & maddie do their share of "mothering"! i can promise will only get worse!!!!! all four of the big kids are 100% infatuated with "baby ava" and it is precious to see them dote on her!
and speaking of precious baby girl...she is growing by leaps and bounds...and i mean GROWING! she is one adorably chubby princess with the cutest leg rolls you have ever seen! she is definitely a big fan of "mommy's milk" and was perfectly happy to indulge on that for her thanksgiving feast! oh how we are thankful for this child...her tiny little smile melts my heart in a HUGE way!

goodness, i have left out so very much of our past few weeks...but i suppose that's just "our life" right now. snippets. better than nothing i suppose! i L.o.V.E. this time of year and feel so incredibly blessed to have what i have & do what i do!

but for you hear what i hear?

that would be an incredibly hungry princess crying for mommy to quit blogging and tend...

and so it goes.

that is exactly what i will do.


Megsy said...

Look at precious, sweet Maddie Boo Boo sitting so proudly in that chair for the haircut! She's grinning ear to ear! LOVE that sweetie and my sister friend too!

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Oh, man.
...from one grasshopper to another...