Sunday, November 1, 2009

boo to you...

happy halloween from meredith, jeffrey, "dorothy", "ladybug", and "teeny tiny little pumpkin"!!!

we had such a fun day!! our street is fabulous for "treating"...and it was fun meeting some of our neighbors that we had not been introduced to yet! the girls LOVED getting candy, especially our precious maddie! we'll have to ration until thanksgiving for sure...if mom and dad can stay out of it!!!!

honey and grandpa graciously accepted our request to keep "baby ava" while we took the big girls to a halloween party we had been invited to! they had a bounce house and TONS of fun food...and the girls had an absolute blast! it was great to get out of the house for a while and see the rest of the world! thanks so much, honey and grandpa, for letting us do that...we love you!

i LOVE this time of year...when halloween is over...and the countdown begins towards thanksgiving and christmas! i love the commercials, the "stuff" in stores (bought my first christmas candy T.O.D.A.Y!!!), the made for t.v. movies, the music...everything about these seasons!!!! my girls love it too...and this year, we're "triply" blessed!

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