Tuesday, November 3, 2009

ava ashley is ONE month old!

it hardly seems possible that we have only been able to love on our sweet girl for just one month...and yet it seems like her life is already flying by. there are moments that i want to freeze time, just so that i can memorize every tiny feature...and then there is the desire for her to get bigger so that she can engage her sisters who love her so very much.
i stare at her eyelashes, her tiny fingernails, her beautiful lips, her soft feet, her dainty hands...and i'm so thankful she's ours. she's perfectly wonderful...and such a sweet addition to our family.
she is doing great. she likes to nurse every 3 -3.5 hours during the day and goes about 4-6 hours at night...and apparently she loves my breast milk...because she weighed in at 9 lbs 11 ozs!
she is being treated for some reflux although she exhibits no real signs that she is bothered by this ailment. she is truly a content baby...and rarely cries...except for some "fussy time" around 9:30ish at night.
we've gotten a few smiles...not sure whether they are real smiles...but nonetheless, P.r.E.C.i.O.u.S!!!! she is focusing more, following us more and more each day, and letting out a few tiny "coos" here and there. ella proclaimed today "mommy, mommy...ava said her first word...she said 'heh'"! she was so proud of her!!! ava definitely gets a floor show on a daily basis...and i can't wait for her to really notice those big fans!!!!
she has definitely won our hearts...just look at that sweet face!!!!!!!!


tuckerfam said...

Oh. MY. WORD. There is not a word bigger than ADORABLE...well maybe ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL....nope..still not big enough....hum....well, Our Sweet Ava just has no adjective big enough to describe her....Oh! I could eat her up!!! Mere- she is SO PRECIOUS!!! We are so blessed to have Absolutely Adorable Ava in our family!!! We love you sweet girl!

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Huh! Based entirely on THeSE pictures alone, she actually looks different than the other Price girls. A whole new look entirely. Of course, it's early yet. :) She's gorgeous nonetheless.