Monday, January 5, 2009

rockin' around the christmas tree...

we celebrated christmas eve & christmas day this year in west monroe with all of the price family...11 adults, 6 kiddos, 2 dogs, and LOTS of chaos! the amount of "cousin love" going around that place was contagious and the anticipation ran high...i don't know who was more wound up...the kids frantically waiting to see what loot they scored...or the adults making sure they didn't miss out on the sausage balls!

the big kids made some yummy cookies for santa, put out reindeer food, and went crazy when the "santa tracker" said that the big man in red was about 10 minutes from monroe...nice job weather man!!!!! i have never seen three children race to bed faster than ella, nate, & ethan!!!!! it was PREcIOUS!

after the children were tucked all snug in their beds...the big, big kids (aka - adults) participated in a little game of dirty santa!!!! what was really funny is that our game is not dirty at all...NO ONE steals & most people (eh hum...yours truly) take their own gift! nevertheless, everyone left happy & i guess that's what counts!!!! after a few more sausage balls, a little set up...requested by "leggy", & lots of laughs...the adults decided to take a nap before the big morning. that's all you can call it when you go to bed at 3:30 a.m.!!!!!!!!!!

the kids were up early...and we totally tortured them like all of our parents used to do to wait and take pictures while we oohed & aahed over what they were fixing to see! ella & madeline were so excited to see their barbie car, their baby dolls, and their art supplies! madeline, of course, made it her life's mission to completely gobble up ALL of her stocking candy within the first 10 minutes...hence, the following pic when we finally had to be the adults and spoil her christmas morning!!!!! boo boo!!!!!

the boys loved all of their "boy toys" too...ethan scored the amazing "christmas morning puppy" complete with the red bow...but i will have to say that at one point...i think ALL six of them were piled into the very pink, very girly barbie was hilarious!!!! what was even more funny was watching nate take ella on a spin down the street - he had his arm around her and everything - certainly is the lady's man!!!!!!! nana & poppy jerry scored some major points by giving the girls the princess kitchen...they loved it!!!!!

we followed the excitement with a delicious lunch and a nap!!!!!! aaaaahhhhh!

we headed to shreveport the day after christmas for round 2! the girls had fun opening their happies from honey & grandpa...and cookie! they played and played and played some more!!!!

christmas is such an amazing time of year for me...and it is even more wonderful now that i have children of my own. seeing the wonderment in their eyes and feeling their excitement is such a special feeling. but more importantly, teaching them about the importance and significance of the holiday is such a privilege and one that jeffrey and i don't take lightly. this year, i really thought a lot about mary and what she must have felt like to give birth to the King of Kings...after all, she was a mother just like me...and i can't imagine her emotion surrounding such a significant birth. mercy me has a song called "joseph's lullaby" that really touched my heart this season and i want to share it with looking for that soon!!!

we had such an amazing christmas and we loved spending time with all of our family & friends! for those that we missed during our trip home...that's exactly what you are...missed...and we hope to see you soon!

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Jenny said...

Fun pictures...I would also agree the DVD player would have been critical. If I've never said so before, your blog is great!