Friday, January 9, 2009

our special m&m...

in order for all of our special family & lifelong friends to be able to celebrate with us, we decided to have madeline's 2nd birthday party a couple weeks early! since our little one LOVES m&m's, she's Madeline Meredith, and she's TWO...i couldn't resist throwing her an m&m party!

our little m&m

m&m world

maddie's fun m&m cake...made by mrs. walley

party time!

madeline's birthday invitation

maddie telling her "gigi" hello

coloring a little picture before we eat

lots of fun...but gotta have my "na"!!!

we decided that the best place to have the party would be our favorite pizza joint in town...johnny's...home of the best pizza EVER in my opinion!!!!!!! it doesn't hurt that our two girls can flat put away some good "pie"!

our little messy princess

the guest list was special...including friends that watched me grow up & sweet family members...and we were all there for one important reason. to celebrate our baby turning TwO...that simply can't be possible! madeline, of course, really had no idea that it was her party...she was just hysterical that there were m&m's ON THE TABLE...FOR HER TO EAT...AS SHE WISHED!!!!!! no gifts necessary for this munchkin...that was gift enough!

my favorite madeline in the whole wide m&m world!!!!

everyone ate some yummy pizza and then we decided it was cake time! i had just told a friend of mine that madeline loved being sung to...that would surely be her favorite part of the party (well...besides the already mentioned "all you can eat" m&m buffet!!!) well, maddie apparently changed her mind since she & i last conversed on the whole singing we approached "happy birthday dear madeline..." - she burst into tears!!!! must have been too much too fast for sweet booboo. she quickly recovered when the box of m&m bars busted open...and the overwhelming feelings quickly disappeared!

i'm not feeling too sure about this!

let it be over...let it be over!

all better!

maddie with one of her favorite people in the world!

the kids had fun running a muck - we may never be welcomed in that johnny's again - and laughing with each other! it was a fabulously fun party and one that i am happy to have shared with so many people we love!

madeline, hannah, ella, & alexis

thank you...honey, grandpa, "cookie", ella, carmie, nana, poppy jerry, "aunt mamie", "unc", nate, baby brother, jj, kk, "dodo", gigi, leelee, amanda, brent, burke, jen, rodney, ethan, kelli, laura, alexis, jess, "gran", "poppy", "big john", "sue sue", sarah katherine, hannah, mrs. dowling, & wesley...for celebrating with us. sharing these moments with you makes them that much sweeter for the price family!


thank you daddy for helping me create the sweetest little "m&m" i know!!!!


Kari said...

So cute! I'm sure she was in heaven being surrounded by all those M&M's!

Alysia said...

I'm sure you won't read this, but please tell me where you got those invitations!