Tuesday, May 27, 2008


ex·traor·di·nary: (adjective) 1 a: going beyond what is usual, regular, or customary b: exceptional to a very marked extent


having your husband schedule a surprise visit from my wonderful friend/sister in law and my adorable nephew!!!!! yep...i answered the door on friday thinking i was going to let my landlord in to have the house assessed and to my utter astonishment...amy & caleb were in town for a LONG memorial day weekend! we had such an amazing time! i don't think i stopped smiling for five days...

jeffrey opened the "daddy daycare" immediately and gave amy & i the opportunity to go to old town for the afternoon. we browsed in shops that would ordinarily be on the "absolutely, not in a million years would i take my children in there" list...lots of breakables & pretties!!!!! we had a chance to visit and catch up...which was very much needed and enjoyed!

on saturday...we hit the town...looking as touristy as possible! we took lots of pictures at the monuments - enjoying the memories we were making and the company we were with! the kiddos did so well & did some really swell posing!!!!!!! our last stop of the evening was at pop's old fashioned ice cream parlor for a late night treat! ella joined a singing quartet for a little performance of "twinkle twinkle"...how i wish i had my video camera for that one - what a moment i will never forget!

sunday we made our way to dupont circle to recreate a scene in "my big fat greek wedding"...except our dining experience looked a little bit more like a scene from "twister" or some other natural disaster movie!!!!!! ha,ha,ha! all kidding aside, we enjoyed a lunch at zorba's and spent the afternoon walking around soaking in the sights and sounds of the big city!

monday...the BIG girls went on an outing together! sweet maddie didn't make the cut (she has to be a wee bit older)...so amy, ella, & i headed out on the metro to georgetown! we had so much fun trying on the latest "in fashioned" items (as ella would say) & spending some girl time! miss madeline, we can't wait till you are a sidekick as well - it won't be long!!!!! ella keeps all of us laughing with her antics & her infectious smile!!!! after our excursion, we all geared up and went for an arctic swim at the pool! the kids lips were quivering & i am still trying to thaw out, but we got some great pictures - and that is what it is all about, right?! we then headed back to old town to enjoy a dinner of thai food...mixed in with way more laughs and good times!

today was wonderful as well! we spent the morning relaxing and letting the kids nap and then we headed to "the pit" so that amy & caleb could visit our "home away from home"! the girls and i spend lots of time at this park, so it was neat to share it with some special people! after a pizza party on the deck, the dreaded time came...they had to go.

that is the hardest part of any visit & the hardest part with any visitor...having to say goodbye. i choke back the tears because i don't want to minimize any of the joy i feel from having friends and family here...but there is an ache that covers me because i want to be leaving with them. every time i see a plane in the sky, i wonder where the passengers are going or where they are coming from. it is so much easier to bear all of this when i don't feel so alone. it is, however, what i have to do, so i suppose i will just keep my chin up...and wait for the day that i am on that plane for the last time.

my permanent smile is now back on the shelf...until the next round of company shows up at the door! don't get me wrong...there will be plenty of smiles going on around here...just not permanent ones! those are saved for EXTRAORDINARY times...such as those that i just experienced this weekend. thank you to my husband and thank you to amy. life is better thanks to the things you do.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

sweet reunion...

hugs. laughter. friendship. comfort. patient chaos. love. sweetness. like no time has passed at all. pizza. first meetings. hard goodbye...

that's what i'll remember from today.

we love you davis family!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

my cup overflows...

it is 12:51 am and i just held my baby daughter.

after voting a million times for david cook, i decided to call it a day and go get ready for bed. i checked on ella like i do every night and i just had this overwhelming need to hold madeline. i crept into her room & watched her sleeping so soundly. her little hands were folded as if in prayer and she looked so peaceful. she laughed a little bit...i was hoping she would wake up...& started sucking her thumb. as i was adjusting her blanket, she opened her precious little eyes and blinked a long blink. i was so elated...the urge i had to hold her was so strong. i picked her up and she snuggled her relaxed little body into mine and i held her. tight. and i cried.

how is it that we as humans have the capacity to love so much? i sound like a broken record on this blog because i gush about how much i love my family all the time...but every word only speaks a fraction of what my heart feels. i tend to be most overwhelmed in these quiet moments of the night - i am incredibly homesick and that feeling creeps in like an unwelcome guest. at the same time, i am so filled with love that it is scary. my heart feels like it is going to beat out of my chest...i get the privilege to watch these precious little girls grow to be beautiful women...and they learn from me. they watch me & they want to know how i feel.

i am doing my best to put my "best foot forward"...i would say that they rarely see me "down". i will say though that this road seems long...

jeffrey mentioned the other day that we have only been here for three months...good grief, it feels like three years.

i will make it...because that is what mothers do. we push ahead when our bodies are sick & we push ahead when our hearts are sick. we can soothe our souls in the middle of the night by holding our dreams in the form of a tiny little 16 month old...and cry quiet tears. tears of longing, tears of gratitude, tears of love...but most importantly, tears of hope.

hope that while the journey may feel long this race will be short. hope that my daughters will be proud of me. hope that i will allow whatever change is to take place in me to happen.

hope that i will NEVER forget the moment i just shared with madeline...because those are the precious times that heal the battle wounds.

i love you...j - e - m - more than you will ever know.




***JUST LOOK AT THOSE LIPS!!!!!!*** (he,he,he...this one's for you chris mosley!!!!)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

lions & tigers & bears...oh my!!!

the girls (my two live-in friends) and i ventured out to the national zoo today...yes, i braved downtown BY MYSELF!!!! desperate times call for desperate measures...all of my other friends (all TWO of them!!!!) are out of town and the girls and i were going stir crazy after many days of rain!!!

we had a really good time & even got a surprise visit from daddy for the last few minutes of our "safari" as ella called it! we spent most of our time watching the elephants and orangutans! madeline, our little animal lover, loved every second of it! she kept pointing and saying "look"! ella was turned off by the smell and kept saying..."this smell makes me want to barf"! she is the diva in the family for sure! of course, she just wanted whatever "snacks" they served at the zoo!

i love these moments with my girls...i am so blessed to have two precious little friends to spend time with on what would otherwise be a pretty lonely day. ella's last day of school is tomorrow...YIKES...mommy has to become a lot more creative!!!!! i need to get those wheels a turnin'!!!!! we are really looking forward to our pals being back in town...the park is really lonely without them!!!!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

happy birthday, daddy!!!!!!

the birthday boy turned 30 on saturday...we had a great day spending time with our favorite man! here are 30 reasons we love him...

30 reasons we love you:

30) you will eat food off a restaurant table

29) you are not afraid to show your “full moon”

28) you are funny

27) you are the best wrestler with little girls…& the best “bucking bronco”!!!!!!

26) you are a great attorney

25) you can do a good shaun connery impression

24) you are athletic

23) you don’t brush your teeth frequently and you still don’t have a british grill

22) you are bald and you look really good that way

21) you can forget the words to a song in front of lots of people and really not get embarrassed

20) you can still eat when you are incredibly nauseated

19) you take the longest showers of anyone I know without getting terribly “pruney”

18) you are creative

17) you love being the “circus freak” just to make people laugh

16) you give in to what your girls want more than what you want

15) you will eat salad with bugs in it and not blink an eye

14) you have a wonderful temperament and are slow to anger

13) you try to stay up with your wife at night…& fight off your narcolepsy

12) you will actually try something like anchovies with nothing to chase it with

11) you will let your little girls dress you up and pretend to love every minute of it

10) you try to make our every wish your command

9) you are liked by almost everybody…except for someone whose name rhymes with “lacey bucket”

8) you are really good with a weed eater

7) you are a great weight watcher points counter upper

6) you are the BEST daddy I know

5) you have great hands…he,he,he

4) you’ll eat mayo even though you don’t like it…now that I think about it – that may not be a reason to really love you!!!!!

3) i love the way our two little girls smile when they look at you

2) you don’t mind being uncomfortable for the sake of your family

1) you love me even when it is not so easy to

Guest Post: Happy Mother's Day, Meredith!!!

What a wonderful day to celebrate such a wonderful woman, mother and wife...we love you, Meredith!!!

Your family

Friday, May 9, 2008

we give thanks...

a precious little person, that belongs to a precious little family...that means the world to us...was spared some devestating news today! we give thanks for our answered prayers...
our hearts can rest a little easier tonight...thank God - He is good!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

happy hump day!!!

we celebrate in style...

Monday, May 5, 2008

betty price

well folks, we have a new member of the price family...that's right - betty "the betta fish" price!

ella has been asking for a fish...so, as our present to her for her birthday, we decided to give it a go! we will see how this works out!

as we were paying for "betty" and all of her (eh um, his) gear, the checker told me "if this bowl doesn't work out, just return it. these fish like to jump". i wish i could have seen my own face...um, did you just say jump? sorry ella, betty will NOT be living in your room anymore!!!!!! so far, i will say that betty hasn't found it necessary to leave her new home - here's to hoping!!!!!

betty is so beautiful because "she" is a "he"...the males are bigger and prettier & ella wanted a girl fish...who's looking anyway, right?! we hope that she will be with us for a while. if not, we may be making frequent trips to buy new "bettys"!!!!

as we speak, she is prowling around her bowl...looking pretty happy to be a price!