Saturday, August 2, 2008

"da plane...da plane"

we geared up last night and headed to "airplane park"...a really neat place that the girls had not visited yet! the park is just beyond the runway at reagan national airport on the potomac river - so "picnicers" get a bird's eye view of the coming and going of huge jets! we picked up pizza, lemonade, & coke and headed out for a fun night outdoors!

to say that the girls had a blast would be an understatement! immediately, ella found a friend and i don't even know if she ate one bite of pizza...she was so dirty after all that playing...i just had to take a picture of her feet...GROSS!

madeline always points to airplanes in the sky (usually while we are eating dinner outside)...well, well, well...she didn't know quite what to think when they were so close! as soon as one would head down the runway and she could hear it, she would run full speed ahead to jeffrey or me, hold on for dear life, and then start waving and saying "bye bye"!

it was a fun night relaxing, hanging out with the fam! it is such a neat place...and a helpful reminder that we need to take advantage of all that is around us while we are here. the sunset was beautiful too! of course, we rounded out the night with a delicious trip to pop's old fashioned ice is good!

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Kara said...

My boys would absolutely love this park! How fun! I wonder if my husband flew past you? I think they might fly into another airport in the DC area? I will have to ask him. I love all of your family adventures. Yall have a blessed week.

Kara - John 3:30