Tuesday, August 5, 2008

happy, happy day, honey!!!!!

i decided to interview honey's biggest fan in honor of her birthday...who better than ella to give some reasons why honey is great and deserves to be celebrated!!!!! here is the information i collected from my sweet first born...i feel sure madeline's answers would have been just the same!!!

top reasons why i love my "honey": (according to ella)

she gives me love
she gives me macaroni & cinnamon bread
she gives me cut grapes
she lets me go outside with her
she lets me do things with her
she reads books with me
she lets me climb up in her lap
she likes to be with me...a lot of time
she loves me "much much"
she loves me back because i love her so much...that's what is so special about her

it is honey's special day today and we wish we could be there to celebrate...we will be soon...just a few days late!!!! we want you to know how much we love you and appreciate all that you do. there is no doubt how much you love us.

loyal. loving. giving. laughing. adoring. best friend. pal. artist. baker. mom. fighter. m&m lover. walker. being there forever and always. everything.

those are just a few things that come to mind when i think of my mom, "honey". there is no one else in this world that loves us more than you do...and on your birthday...take a moment...

to feel how loved you are.
we send millions of kisses for your "heart pocket"!
we love you, mom...from the top of our head to the tips of our toes!!!!!!

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tuckerfam said...

wow....that is just beautiful ella and mere....
Happy Birthday to "Honey"!!!!
what a wonderful gift to have a daughter and granddaughter like both of YOU.....

love you guys! see you soon! :)

Aim....aka Aunt Mamie....