Tuesday, August 12, 2008

having a blast...

just checkin' in to let everyone know we are having an absolute blast in louisiana!!!! we aren't letting any grass grow under our feet...and i am loving every minute of it! my laptop is out of commission for a while...so detailed posts will come in the future! i want to document ALL that we have been doing...just so i don't forget myself!!!!!!

here is a sneak preview...

swimming. visiting. playing. deli casino. swim lessons. catching up with old friends. going on dates with grandpa. spending time with family that warms my heart. seeing my children smile BIG smiles because they love being here.

just a preview.

no doubt more stories will follow! until then, we say a sleepy goodnight with happy hearts!

1 comment:

Kara said...

So glad that you are "home" with your family! What a wonderful way to celebrate the end of summer. Look forward to the many pictures of your adventure!
In Christ,
Kara - Prov. 31