Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"sayonara summer" least in DC anyway...

well, we just finished our last day of summer in DC and we made it a good one! the girls and i

are headed to the good ole' south until the beginning of september! what began as a week long trip to visit my fam in shreveport, turned into a trek across four states to visit family and friends...i can't wait! what a roadtrip!

to celebrate our last day here, the girls and i took a little trip to the spray park as our final send off & ate a happy meal (well, ella ate hers...maddie threw hers on the floor)...since mommy didn't go to the grocery store seeing as we will be gone for so long! daddy plans to eat a lot of cereal while we are away!!!!!!!

ella, of course, always finds she was loving every minute of it! maddie sticks close to me...she's more fond of exploring the grounds than getting wet! either way, it makes me happy to see them having fun!!!!

tonight i took ella to have a "swim lesson" with a precious lifeguard at our pool. ella has been so intimidated by the "deep" water this summer and begs us to "take her home for a nap" when we venture out to a part of the pool she can't touch! carlin, the lifeguard, saw us at the pool the other day and worked with ella a little bit trying to get her more comfortable! tonight she offered for us to bring ella back so that she could spend time with her again. ella couldn't even eat dinner she was so nervous...for those of you that know ella - she was REALLY nervous to pass up food!!!!!!!! anyway, my sweet baby was SO BRAVE! she cried a little bit...but NEWSFLASH - she jumped off the diving board once by herself and two times with carlin!!!!!! she came up and waved at me after the third dive...but promptly announced that she "did not want to do that again"!!!!!! carlin was so thoughtful and had gotten ella a huge bag of gummy lifesavers as a PRIZE! music to ella's ears once the nerves had worn off! i am so proud of my sweet girl...i know in no time, she will be swimming like a little fish!!!!!

we are so excited about our time "home" and beyond...can't wait to share all of our adventures!

off to finish packing...times a wastin'!!!!

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