Wednesday, February 20, 2008

just a normal day...

i wrote this last night, but it didn't post till today...that's why it is written in "future tense"!!!!!

we had what a southerner, like myself, would call a blizzard today. several inches of snow collected at our house yet strangely, there were still people out jogging and walking their dogs. people act like it is no big deal and then there is me...fighting back the urge to make a dash to the grocery to gather the staples to get us through what might be a "shut in"!!!!! oh, do i have some learning to do.

as soon as jeffrey got home tonight, he and ella went outside to play in the snow. since i am trying hard to find the nuggets of positivity in this experience, watching ella laugh and play...knowing that she would not have gotten to do this in little rock, somehow makes all of this a little bit easier. she is like my prophet - sent to teach me amazing things. to say "i love her" (and maddie) seems like an insignificant use of the english is SO much more than that.

ella starts "school" tomorrow and we are all so excited. madeline and i have our first play date as well. i met a precious girl on our tour of the school - she happens to be from new orleans - almost feels like a miracle. anyway, i "stalkishly" asked for her phone number which she graciously gave me...and we are getting together tomorrow! maddie and i can hardly wait!!!!!

carmen is here visiting which is like having comfort food when you are not feeling so well. ella has a blast with her - "carmie" hardly ever gets to sit down! jeffrey and i are hoping to sneak in a few dates while she is here since our babies would be in good hands! jeffrey is still trying to convince her to come live in our basement...not a bad idea!!!!

i can't wait to report how our thursday goes...we are continuing to take each moment day by the hopes that our SHORT LIVED time here will be very well spent!


Meredith for the Davis' said...

absolutely love the snow pics!! "could ella BE any happier?!?!" (said in my best chandler bing voice!) wish ley was there to throw some snow too! he is the only well child in my house right now so he and elle could live it up! wondering how thursday seeing the joy on your oldest daughter's face in these photos...seriously. helps me feel reasonably good that you are making it up there in the frozen tundra...liked seeing pelf pelted with snow as well!! that's what a good daddy let's his kiddos do! love you my sweet sister!

Jessica said...

Found you through Meredith E. Hope you don't mind! I'm laughing at this post because today we got an inch of snow, and everyone ran out to walmart and spent $100.00 Ha! : )