Sunday, February 24, 2008

can you see...

what i see!!!!! ella LOVED this...

and she loved school as well. her second day is tomorrow and her lunch is all packed & she is ready. courtney, a little girl in her class, seemed to be a sweet little hostess to ella which made my heart feel good.

after approaching a cute girl in the produce department at the grocery store to inquire about her daughter's obvious ballet enrollment (she was in her outfit), i realized that i will never really look at strangers the same way. i know just 2 1/2 weeks into this journey, that i will be much more accommodating to "strange girls that approach me about ballet in the grocery store"...we are all just trying to fit in really...and you never know where you might meet a friend!

madeline and i have our second play date on tuesday as well. we are going to hear "mr. nate" at a coffee shop with jane (the precious girl from new orleans) & her little boy, campbell. i am so thankful that our paths crossed...little blessings all along the way.

it has been SO nice having carmen here - she will be our LAST guest for quite some time until my sweet granny comes for a nice long visit! anyone that would like to book a few nights with the "price b&b"...please contact us ASAP!

i miss "our old life" more than words can say. i miss my amazing friends. i miss the smell and "hugginess" of our old home. i miss the white queso at blue coast burrito. it goes without saying...i miss my "route 44 sonic drinks" - but i am SO thankful that in just a little over two weeks, it seems that i have made 2 good friends, have found a happy place for ella, & seen a few more smiles on madeline's face. it's baby steps. we are surviving.

i have no doubt that there will be many more mountains to climb and valley's to pass through as we go through this chapter of our lives...but for now, there is peace in knowing that we are making it. we'll see how i do once all my company leaves - i haven't tackled that obstacle yet...

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