Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A post from the Web Editor...

Well...I thought I would leave a post on our family blog to give an update on my thinking and what I am feeling through this whirlwind of action and emotion.

First, I definitely am not just relishing the idea of the move and all of the stress that will accompany such a drastic change in locations. I know that it will be very tough for Meredith because of all of the emotion of leaving and the fear of the unknown. However, I am confident that this move is the right decision for our family right now...regardless of how long it lasts. While I have not had the maturity or fortitude to support Meredith enough or provide the right kind of leadership during our first 6 years of marriage (and law school, work and child rearing), I am determined that this move will start a new chapter in our relationship and in our family life. I realize, more than ever, how much Meredith needs my prayers, my friendship and, most importantly, my compassion and understanding.

Meredith is such an amazing woman, friend, wife, mother and life partner, and I can't believe that the Lord has chosen to bless me with such an incredible gift. The way that she tempers my ambition and keeps me focused on my true priorities makes me realize how important she is to me. I am very conflicted about this move because I don't want to be sacrificing my family or causing any conflict in our relationship, but I really believe that this move is going to be a good experience for our family. While it won't be easy or comfortable, true personal growth rarely is. This opportuntiy is one that rarely comes along...it seems to be a fit with my experience, my ambition and my desire to spend time with my family. It is rare that a young associate is able to work for a firm that does not have a high demand and allows a flexible schedule. While I know that Meredith and I will have to work through all of the emotions and consequences that will be a part of this transition, I hope that we will look back on this experience as a blessing from God and a critical turning point in our relationship. I am truly thankful for my family's health and happiness thus far... and especially grateful that we are not in control and that we can rely on this promise: "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." Rom. 8:28

With that, some of my prayers and hopes for this next year are: The right house will come open during the next three weeks and the move will be relatively smooth; Meredith will find peace and comfort from above (and in my support) during this time and our relationship will actually flourish through this adversity; The job will be as flexible and ideal as it seems right now; I will continue to grow emotionally and spiritually and that it will foster trust in Meredith; and that Meredith will find a true friend and many activities to make life enjoyable in our new location

I hope that each of you has a chance to come up and visit (we will mark the calendar for each visit and count the days...I can promise that :) ) and that your new year is all that you hope for!!! We are thankful for our friendships and family and love each of you!

Happy New Year!!!


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Marcus said...

I am very happy for you Jeff. I think the move will be good for all of you. I took Amy away from home when I transferred out of Charleston. So I am sure Meredith and Amy had a lot of the same feelings. I think Amy will agree she is better for it and our relationship is stronger today. I always tell Amy it could be worse, the Navy could send me to Iraq on the back of a Humvee. The self-pity usually ends right there and she smiles. It's always better to look at what you have and not what you do not have. Just remember your home is where you and your family are it is not the building you are leaving behind.