Wednesday, January 16, 2008

new rental...

that would be our new address. alexandria, virginia. to say that our daughters were troopers would be a huge understatement...they were confined to their car seats for the vast majority of this trip and they did absolutely great! i can honestly say that they did much better than i did.
we looked at LOTS of houses and saw LOTS of interesting dwellings...that is a nice way to put it. we finally settled on a house that is has 7 bedrooms. we WON'T have enough furniture to fill it, but it was the only one available in the kingstowne area. there are many things that i will have to learn to overlook...i am sure that will come with time. i also know that when our special things arrive it will feel more like "home".
i held it together reasonably well...that is until we got home to our house in little rock and the tears started flowing. again. i look forward to the day that i don't feel like someone is sitting on my chest. that i don't feel the huge lump that has been permanently lodged in my throat. the thing i dread the most about all of this is the anticipation of what is to come. i don't know what to expect about leaving this place for good and that scares me to death.
all i could think about as we were landing at BWI on sunday night was the scene from
the movie "when a man loves a woman" when andy garcia lands in denver without his family and says to the entire plane "welcome home" in a very shaky, fighting back tears kind of way. i don't know how long it will take for the idea to sink in that we can't call little rock "home" anymore.
sure, lots of people move. i, however, am not lots of people. i don't do this well. i have to try to bluff myself and pull from some inner strength in order to see this as an "adventure" because everything built into my DNA says to run and get the heck out of dodge.
while things seem so overwhelming and sad, i have been given a wonderful blessing. one of my best friends, amy theriot, put me in contact with a sorority sister of hers that happens to live in D.C. i talked to her several times on the phone and corresponded through email before we went up there. she is FANTASTIC!!!! we met her and her family for dinner last night and i feel like i have known her forever. she has an 11 month old little boy who is precious. madeline scared him a little though with her loud "HEH"!!!! i am sure he will become immune very soon!!!
she seems to have made it her life's mission to help me and my little family get settled and for that i will forever be grateful. i look forward to lots of play dates, dinners, and day trips with "team barron"! she is not getting away now!
in order to document the before and after of our new house (because there WILL BE AN AFTER)...i am going to include some pics for all to see. don't get jealous of the beautiful drapes and fixtures...we happen to be the proud new renters of those gems. aren't they "pertty"?!
i will continue to keep everyone posted...most of you folks need to get on the stick and contact the "price bed and breakfast". our calendar is NOT filling up, which means i have less to look forward to!!! hey, we have plenty of all may just need to bring your beds!!!!


Meredith for the Davis' said...

the davis fam needs to book a few dates!! we will come with a bevy of air beds and pack and plays if need be!! i can't wait...i am going to discuss the calendar with jerm and maybe we can come up there on ley's spring break! i am SO excited to hear about the barron family--i like her already :) see, mere, your father in heaven is providing already...can't wait to talk to you! XOXO

The Cascio Whirlwind said...

Meredith, Know that I am praying for a comfort and a peace that passes all understanding in this move for your family. I know that we soon will be facing the same situation with a move once Paul finds a new student ministry position. It is something I have a really hard time dealing with also as all of our family is here. Know that our Great Creator has His hands upon you and that he will provide new friendships and memories in VA.

Meredith said...

It was so good to talk to you Mere. Looking forward to Thursday!