Saturday, January 5, 2008

Maddie's Little Rock Party with the Prices

Here are some pictures from Madeline's party today with the Prices...

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rachel hood said...


i wandered onto your blog when i was checking out meredith hogg's family.i was rachel alexander. we were childhood friends way back. when your parents had the popcorn popper and we went to first baptist.anyway i just wanted to say hello. you have a beautiful family and it is clear our Lord has blessed you greatly. i am sorry to hear you are so sad to be leaving little rock. we are about to move from mobile to houston. not exactly the same thing, but i will miss our church and friends here a great deal. i have and will pray for you as often as you come to mind and if it is alright i will check out your blog to keep up with you and your lovely girls. you can check us out as hope you will find joy in this day that the Lord has made for you (as is my struggle so often these days)

rachel hood