Monday, December 24, 2007

visions of sugarplums...

ella asked me the other day what "sugar plums" were and i couldn't answer the question. how is it that a three year old can seem to have more depth than a 30 year old! ha...i need to start practicing trivial pursuit to keep up with her!!!

santa will be visiting tomorrow night and ella is convinced that she will be receiving a princess bike with training fact, she has already written him a thank you note for it! we are so excited to experience christmas through her eyes this year. her imagination is incredible and she is SO FULL OF LIFE!

she and i were going on a play date together the other day and she wanted to know if we were going to be able to play for 2 minutes. i told her that we were actually going to stay for an hour...which led to a discussion about the fact that an hour is really 60 minutes. once she figured out that 60 is near 100 she looked at me in true ella fashion and said "mom, that is totally impressive!" which i replied..."so are you"!

she and madeline are getting so is so adorable to watch them together. ella is her second mommy (just like someone else i know) and takes care of her so much. she will shield madeline any time a "stranger" wants to look at her...we wonder what maddie will think of that when she is old enough to hold her own!!!!!

even after all this time, i am still in awe of the fact that these two precious baby girls are mine. when i take time to step back and see the forest through the trees...i am hugged by the fact that i am doing exactly what i was put on this earth to do...i just have to convince myself that i can be just as good of a mommy in D.C. as i can in the good ole south. jeffrey is so great with the girls...and anyone that knows him could tell you that ella and madeline are equipped with a live-in playmate. as far as ella is concerned, jeff couldn't be more than 4 1/2...could he? sometimes i wonder too!!!!!

well, my computer technician is teaching me well and helping me get this "blog" thing figured out...he is so GREAT at stuff like that! hopefully, we can keep everyone informed about the latest price news and our latest geographical location! i am going to need all the encouragement i can get during this next chapter.

for now, i am going to go and figure out what in the heck sugar plums are!!!!!

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