Saturday, December 22, 2007

chewing a mouth full...

i really can't believe that i am going to attempt to "BLOG", but here goes. i feel as of lately that i have bitten off more than i can chew...between making 1600 cheese straws, spider cupcakes, pumpkin frames, gifts for teachers, as well as nursing my 9 month old that really needs to gain weight, teaching my 3 year old her letters, and possibly getting ready to uproot and move across the country...however, i really feel like sharing what is going on in the "life of the prices"!

the girls are absolutely amazing and every day i am so thankful that they are mine and ours. ella has a spirit that just changes such a dramatic way! i watch her at night when she is sleeping and i wonder what is in store for her. i know that all parents dream for their children but i just have this feeling that ella is going to do great things...i only hope that she knows every waking and sleeping second how much i love her.

maddie is such an old soul. she has a unique personality and i wonder if she is going to ever find the chaos of this household enjoyable! she is most content in my arms or in her bed with her "lovie"! i was so afraid that i wouldn't love her enough (i know it sounds weird - but was really something i fretted over), but i find every day that she is my solice. i share so many sweet moments with her as her life is whizzing by. when she was only a month old, i found out that we may be moving and for a long time i have carried guilt with me that i wasn't attentive enough to her. it hit me the other day, though, as she smiled her three tooth grin...she has really only known love. even on my darkest days...she and ella are why i smile!

our house is officially on the market and we are in a period of waiting. i am still in EXTREME denial that this could be happening but the length of time has shortened making it seem more digestable. don't get me wrong - if i woke up tomorrow and realized that this was all a bad dream..................i would dance in celebration. there is nothing in my soul that wants to go, but it seems (at least for now), that this is the plan.

we went "treating" tonight and as usual, ella had a blast and partially ate many pieces of candy! what a bummer for the little pumpkin of the candy for her! ella was an LSU cheerleader and i have to admit, i was a little worried about the jeering she may endure, but how can you resist a little "pig tailed tiger fan" saying "GO TIGERS" when you open the door! even the most die hard HOG fan had to smile!

we look forward to a fun filled holiday season spending time with family and friends. it is hard to believe that madeline will experience her first seems as though she has been a part of us forever. tonight i felt fully "hugged" by what it really means and feels like to have children. watching them experience life to the fullest helps me redefine my love them with all that i have and keep pushing forward................even when i have a "mouth full"!

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