Tuesday, December 13, 2011

halloween, thanksgiving, or christmas?!?! oh my!!

how has my life come to this?! i suppose it was bound to catch up with me at some point...that little thing called time...but good grief, i wish i had more of it...or more "merediths"!!!!!!!!

as i sit here looking at that tab entitled "new post"...i think to myself "do i post about halloween, thanksgiving, christmas...or gasp - the beginning of school?". it's almost enough to make me close my computer and brush my teeth while crying. overwhelming. to say the least.

i don't think i've surpassed the statute of limitations for thanksgiving...so i think that's where i'll start. it doesn't seem right for me to post about halloween (my least favorite holiday) while attempting to revel in my most favorite one. so i won't. i'll save those for a "blast from the past" - which will apparently have to be often...since i've been MIA for a while now.

let's just get reacquainted with a few highlights from our last few months. here goes:

ella has lost her TWO front teeth...so yeah, she really wants them for christmas!!! i've been to mexico (again) with my sisters...so. much. fun!!! jeffrey ran a half marathon...he rocks! maddie is as sweet as ever...and will be performing a solo at her christmas program...God love that child! ella sang a solo at her school program and our church program...both of which made me cry & my heart swell with pride! jeffrey and i went to NYC with two other couples from church and had an absolute blast! i did not sing a solo...although i did sing in the ensemble...baby steps! ava is still as sweet & zesty as ever...talking up. a. storm!!!! we've cheered on our tigers & hogs...each of us got to attend a game...at a real. live. stadium!!!!! we've feasted, treated, "farmed"...and been doing a lot of living...just not a lot of blogging!!!!!!

here's to hoping that 2012 brings sleep, peace, & time to my life...yeah right...i just woke up...& realized i must be dreaming!!!!!! :) i love every minute of our crazy and wouldn't trade a second of it!

without further adieu...let me just leap and "start again" with our thanksgiving festivities!!!!!

as one of the room mothers, i was given the task of creating 3 table arrangements for ella's feast! they were incredibly easy and looked really cute! i just painted clay pots black and taped a buckle on...to look like pilgrim hats!
unfortunately, i was not able to attend ella's feast. we had to "divide & conquer" because both ella & maddie had their celebrations at the exact same time on the exact same day :( makes this mommy sad...but what can you do? see...if only i had "more merediths"!!!!!!!

maddie and i had a great time at st. paul's...it's such a precious place...and everything they do is so sweet!

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