Thursday, November 17, 2011

"lofty" plans!

a couple of months ago...i got the wild hair to build the girls a loft in our play room. well, let me clarify...i got the wild hair to have jeff build the girls a loft in our play room!!!!! HA! just kidding - i put a lot of work into it myself...but of course, the engineer genius of the fam pulled the whole thing off without a hitch!!!!

i called him at work at about 4 o'clock on a friday afternoon and proposed the following:

me: "hey, do you think we could build the girls an inexpensive loft in the play room?"
jeff: "yeah, i'm sure we can. it will just take a little planning."
me: "ok, well can you start planning...cause i would really like to go to lowe's when you get off of work."
jeff: "like tonight? seriously?"
me: "yes!!!"

we proceeded to go to lowe's at about 7 p.m. to buy the necessary supplies to build our girls a loft!!!! at midnight i was hand cutting pickets with a jig saw and jeffrey was headed to wal-mart to get paint!!!! we are nuts...but we actually had fun doing it! knowing how much the girls were going to love it kept us going! for about $150, we were able to create them something new and fun!

i must say that the final product exceeded my expectations! it turned out pReCiOuS...and i'm fairly certain that an entire NFL team could stand up there and it wouldn't fall down!!!! other than the incessant climbing up and down that my youngest daughter finds fascinating it has been an awesome addition to our "play land"...freeing up lots of space!!!!! thankfully, we made the ladder when she has given me my quota of heart attacks for the day...the ladder goes down!!!!

i'm so thankful that my husband has learned to channel his inner "bob villa" on the fly...cause that's how i roll around here...and i don't see that changing any time soon!!!!! :) yes, i always have had "lofty goals"!!!!!!
before the gate and ladder were complete!
ava's chant as she climbs up & down is "mommy, i can do it!"

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