Thursday, November 17, 2011

my poor, poor neglected...


it is really bad when your friends start wondering if you are alright because the blog is dormant (thank you, friends...i LoVe you dearly for that!!!)

sure in the past, i've had good excuses like "1st trimester blahs" or cross county moves...but this time, i've got nothin'!

we have been insanely busy...and i have just felt a whee bit overwhelmed for some reason lately...nothing in particular that i can necessarily pin point...just normal "overwhelmed" i guess!

it isn't like i don't have anything to blog about either! we've had horseback riding, loft building, dressing up, & feasting...i'm tired just thinking about it!

so never fear...this "blogger"(i'll use that term loosely for now) is back in business...

thanks for caring about our precious family!

stay tuned!!!!!!

1 comment:

Emily said...

HA! So glad you're back! I love to read about the adventures of your beautiful family.