Wednesday, August 17, 2011

tubin' on bruin...flashback!!!

this summer, our family had yet another fun opportunity to head to the lake with our wonderful neighbors! we went last year & the girls (along with their parents) had an absolute blast! they loved tubing and swimming and jumping off of the pier...over and over and over again!

this year, our little baby is not so little anymore...and joined her big sisters on the tube! ava ashley has NO FEAR...which is hard for this worrying mommy!!! she looked so tiny and so precious out there with her wind blown hair!!!!

this was the girls' "pretend we're sad that the tube ride is over" face!!!! they are so funny!

thanks woodens...for making us feel like family! we look forward to many more lake weekends to come!


Emily said...

I LOVE the pics of Ava on the tube. She's such a big girl now!

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