Thursday, August 11, 2011

there's a 1st time for everything...

there is absolutely no denying anymore that my very first baby is indeed not a baby anymore. at this very moment in time, she has 1 1/2 days of FIRST grade under her belt...and i still have tears in my eyes.

everyone tells you that time is gonna fly when you have children...and it's easy to assume that "yeah, yeah, yeah...i know"...until you're laced up in those shoes...walking smack. dab. through. it.

first grade. see how that rolls off your tongue.

there is nothing baby about that. it's spelling tests, reading, eating lunch in the's the real deal. and "yeah, yeah, yeah...i know"...i just wasn't prepared.

i remember letting go of ella's tiny hand at asbury methodist (what seems like many moons ago) and thinking that there is no way i'm going to be able to make it. those first few days without her were some of the strangest in my life. i would look in my rear view mirror in a panic - staring at her empty car seat - and have to remind myself that she was at "school".

while it might be hard on this mommy to spend time during the day without little girl is happy! she has the most precious group of friends and she loves learning!

if she's going to be anywhere, i at least want to know she's in a safe place that makes her smile!

she is a "keen cool kid" and lovin' it so far! she told me that she gave mrs. keen a hug today and was told "i needed that!"! that's what this mommy needs to hear...that my baby is being loved on when i'm not there....cause goodness knows i'm going to be lovin' on her when she is!!!!

i found these adorable "edible pencils" on pinterest (if anyone should wonder...yes, i'm addicted) and knew that i must make these for the first day back to school. they were a hit...and i must fun to make!

i also saw this idea for a "back to school" we decided to make our own version for mrs. keen! she loved it and it made ella feel very special!

i couldn't be prouder of my daughter...and i know i can't stop her from growing i'm just going to take time to relish and remember...

there's a 1st time for everything...

and our time is now.

look what the "back to school fairy" brought...
J.e.L.l.Y. shoes (like circa 1980's jelly shoes!!!)
ella...we are so, so proud of you! every moment i spend with you is like a breath of fresh air. your humor & funny wit make me laugh from the inside out. your smile puts one on my heart. i love the kind of friend that you are...and i hope you will always keep putting other's feelings before your own. the day we spent together on tuesday, just you and me, was a day i won't soon forget. i look forward to sharing so much together. as your mommy, i am responsible for shaping your outlook on relationships and life...and i don't just want to do that through words...i want to do that through actions. what i never could have imagined though is how much i would learn from you. your ability to let things "roll off your back" while smiling that precious smile is such a gift. i look forward to seeing what God has in store for your amazing little life. you are a shining star, precious one...and you shine like no other! i love you past heaven.


Lindsey Swander said...

She's going to do GREAT!!!! Love y'all!!!!

Amy Scheel Theriot said...

oh, i'm in love with the jellies! they bring back so many memories; will be such a success! Now, go find a friend who will make felt pillows for your teachers with you! :)