Thursday, August 11, 2011

the great american "adoption"...

after our super fun stay at great wolf lodge, we made our way over to the next super fun adventure!

the girls were going to get to "adopt" some new price family members...and then eat lunch with them!!!

yes, we were going to spend the day at any little girls' dream store...americangirl!!!!

it's hard for adults to keep their cool you can only imagine what ella &maddie were feeling!!! we were bouncing around that store like ping pong balls!

before we left for dallas, maddie had made the decision that she was going to get a doll that had a wheelchair and glasses. well, nothing changed her mind - and the first item purchased was the wheelchair! just might be the cutest thing you've ever seen! even cuter - is the story she tells about why "emily" is "pawalyzed"! i. love. this. little. girl!!! emily is a blond haired, blue eyed beauty!

ella chose a precious little brown haired, brown eyed doll - named "lilly"...along with a couple of new outfits!

we all had SO much fun "ooohing & aaahing" over all of the adorable, tiny merchandise and then made our way upstairs to the cafe!

such a precious experience! the dolls have their own seats and their own cups and saucers! the food was delicious - complete with a fruit skewer full of fun shapes - and super kid friendly!

it was such a fun time...making memories with some of my favorite gals...old & new!!!! i look forward to many more years of "girl trips"...and can't wait 'til my tiniest girly girl comes along too!

"thank you", honey...for such a memory filled experience! we love you!
ella with her "babies"!!!!!
maddie is such a good "mommy" to "emily"...*love*
ella with her pretzel appetizer
the best of friends
they had the cutest game on the table...these strips of paper that were conversation starters! ella was asked what her favorite summer memory was...i believe she was living it out right before our eyes!!!!! so sweet!
lilly & emily price!
a mommy's heart bursting with love...
emily in her wheelchair...with her glasses...she's truly a "doll"!!!!

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