Monday, May 2, 2011

the wheels on the bus...

on the city bus that is!

the safari scouts headed for a trip around town today on the bus! they have been doing a transportation unit and this was a perfectly fun way to spend our monday morning! the whole price family (minus went along for the ride!

the weather was absolutely dreadful...and threatened to cause a "rain check"...but the rain held off! instead we just froze to death! bless ava's heart...i don't know who her parents are...but someone should really get a hold of them! anywho...we all walked to the bus stop and waited to board!

we took a little spin around the city and came right back to our starting spot! we even sang "the wheels on the bus" while we rode! it was so cute to see all the kiddos so excited! they each got to put their .60 in the machine and pick their seat!

such a fun, fun field trip...and just another reason we LOVE st. paul's!!!!

waiting to see our bus!
mary banilla (aka mary linnea) & maddie
ava being a "big girl" too! (and i just had to include the precious, obligatory nose pick...gotta LOVE kids!!!!)
maddie "paying her way" on to the bus!
ava was lovin' it!
our crew
"thank you, mr. bus driver"...for keeping us safe!!!!

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