Tuesday, April 26, 2011

a day in the life...

of a 7 year old birthday girl...in pictures!

the birthday girl started out her day with breakfast in bed...
when i brought it in to her...she said "i feel like a princess!" that's what i was going for, sweet girl!!!
getting an early morning birthday call from her daddy who was out of town!
blowing out her candles with all her sweet "hight hikers"! we were minus one candle...so we all agreed she was just blowing out the "passing of her 6th year!"
such a sweet class...we are going to miss this group being together
sweet girls...miss ava was napping
mommy stealing some sugars from her BIG girl!
ok...here ella is laughing hysterically at us playing the "hot & cold" game to help her find the birthday cupcake! i WISH we would have caught these moments on video...but they'll just have to be recorded on my heart! she was precious!
she FINALLY found it in the real oven! it was so funny to see her so timid about touching it...because of course, they usually know never to touch the oven!
finding out that she was going to get to have a "mock" sleepover with all her special girl friends in her class...in the next couple of weeks...date is TBD!
sweet sisters...ella is fixing to open her gift from us...some doll clothes! don't you love my wrapping?!?!
we had our church group over for a birthday celebration tonight! john & ella both have their special day this week! it was sO mUcH fUn...& apparently there was a tornado warning that occurred...but we knew nothing about it! we were having a blast!
ella fixing to enjoy her birthday surprise...a deli casino apple pie...one of her favorites!
i love maddie's face that you can see in the mirror...she's so happy for her sister! what a peach!
i think she had a great day...and went to bed as a very happy 7 year old!

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