Sunday, May 8, 2011

i get to...

play dress up at 34 years old. cut up food into little pieces. change poopy diapers. fix hair with braids and bows. rock little girls that are 19 months, 4 years...even 7 years old. pack lunches. wash little bitty clothes. take bath toys out of the tub before i bathe. hear giggles from the other room. wipe dirty faces and hands. go to t-ball games. attend field days and field trips. dry tears. give hugs. clip tiny fingernails. color. snuggle tightly during nightmares. answer precious questions. step on barbie shoes. feel proud. play hide and seek. kiss sleeping cheeks. brush little teeth. have play dates. wake up on the edge of the bed because someone "little" snuck in between. play "i spy". bring goldfish everywhere i go. love like there's no tomorrow.

and i get to...

hear three little voices saying "mommy"...and they're talking about me.

what an everyday blessing.

happy mother's day to all those that have been, are, or will be mommies.
what a special day indeed.

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