Saturday, March 12, 2011


that's how many years i've been celebrating birthdays! i have to admit, since i have had children...i'm much more excited to celebrate their special days...but those three little beauties and their daddy made me feel like a queen on tuesday!

i started out being asked what i would like for breakfast! i replied that i would like "an order of bed rest with a side of news!!!!"...and that's exactly what i got! i stayed in the bed and just watched. the. news! it was fabulous! ella asked to stay home today since it was my birthday...and we happily obliged!!!

it was then time for me to get dressed for the day because my children were absolutely BESIDE themselves for me to find the beloved "price family birthday cupcake"!!!

it was adorable to see them so excited about our new tradition...and i was pleased to see them thinking about someone else's happiness! i desire for them to focus more on others and i think these are the ways we put those lessons into practice!

after playing the "hot or cold" game to get me closer to the prize...and of course, madeline basically telling me exactly where i should search!...i found the cupcake behind a pillow on the couch!
inside was the most precious gift eVeR! the girls and jeffrey declared a "meredith day"...where i get to do the following:

1. receive a manicure by ella
2. receive a pedicure by maddie
3. receive a massage by jeffrey
4. 1 trip to any store of my choice with the whole gang to spend my birthday money
5. lots of hugs & kisses

inside the actual cupcake were 34 strips of paper with 34 things that my girls and my husband think make me special...who wouldn't love that!?!?
ella's list..."mommy is special to me because she":
plays with me
decorates the house well
is a good "kukr" (aka cooker)
cares about me
cuddles with me
brings fun things to my class
takes me to fun places
helps me learn
is "nis" (aka nice) to me
is F.U.N.
this picture was taken when i read that last one...because recently...i was told i wasn't fun...but we'll save that story for another day!!!!! (someone claims she didn't mean it!!!!!)

maddie's list..."mommy is special to me because she"...
is so pretty
cuddles me in the mornings
gets me always from school
sometimes takes me to play in the park
reads books to me
loves me
talks to me when she picks me up from school
always sits by me
likes to color with me

ava's list..."mommy is special to me because she"...
hugs me when i am being a stink
birthed me from her womb (my husband is a "ha ha" way too)
gives me fruit
dresses me cute
puts up with my 'tude
takes me on walks in the red wagon
likes to play with me outside

daddy's list..."mommy is special to me because she"...
plans so far ahead
laughs at my jokes
rubs my head & back every night
is very beautiful
keeps such a perfect house without grumbling (see...funny "ha ha"!!!)
is so creative
has a bod like a hot rod (that funny just keeps coming...and of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!!!)
is my very best friend

i loved every minute...even though i know my little family loves was nice to "see it" from their perspective!

i was smothered in hugs and kisses all day...and i couldn't have been told "mommy, i love you" any more times! madeline didn't miss any chances to tell me "happy birthday"!

we celebrated the evening with our community group from church! courtney made the most delicious supper and then served an amazing cinnamon pound cake! i loved spending my birthday with that precious group of friends!

i'm a blessed girl...and i'll spend the next 364 days of this 34th year of life...trying to make sure i don't take that for granted!

on a side note...this is not a great pic...but i just had to post it! i was so excited to discover one of ava's missing shoes while i was searching for the cupcake!!!! i HaTe when things are missing!! happy birthday to me!

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