Saturday, March 12, 2011

bring it...

as a parent, there are just those days where the little ones really bring you somewhere. they might bring you joy, bring you to your knees, bring you to the brink of insanity, or bring you to tears...and if i'm being honest...i'm usually brought to all places on all days!!

today, though, i have felt particularly grateful. grateful for being brought to this place in my life...where i am blessed to be called "mommy" by three little girls.

i love them every day. guaranteed.

but today, i just felt my awareness of the awesome responsibility of being their mother heightened a little bit. warm & fuzzy all day.

i got to hold my baby daughter while she slept with her head on my shoulder. a little treasure that doesn't happen all that often. she fell asleep on the way home from picking ella up from school...and i was bringing her in to place her in her crib. i just couldn't put her down. her limp little body was pressed against mine and i was so overwhelmed with love for her. i think there are days that i take for granted how flexible she is...days that i may not take those extra minutes to love on her in her sleep. i prayed for her while i snuggled...and just thanked God for her, her personality, and how well she fits into this family. she continues to melt my heart minute by minute.

i watched ella today, without her knowing, swing and sing with reckless abandon in our backyard. she is growing up. growing up quickly. and she is such a joy. i love our talks and i love her heart. she's got a big one...and that is a huge answer to prayer. i want all of my children to be kind...and to treat those around them, friends and strangers, better than they would want to be treated. so far, she's rising to the challenge. she's pure sweetness. (ok - i'll be honest - we could use some fine tuning in her behavior towards the biggest, little sister!!!)

i strolled behind maddie today while she rode her bike and just watched her little pig tails bouncing in the breeze. she would turn around and smile at me while she was pedaling...and i seriously could have cried. she is such a precious little soul. even when being four, in the "middle", isn't always easy...she takes it like a champ...and comes out victorious. i love her for that. and so. much. more. she has continued to tell me "happy birthday" every day this week...just another little nugget of proof that she places others ahead of herself and wants others to feel good.

i could describe so many other moments...but these are just a few examples...really just reminders on those tough days...that what i'm doing matters. i am indeed blessed beyond what i deserve.

sure those hard days are destined to come...more often than not...but i am so thankful to bring these memories to the forefront of my mind.

to bring it.

my patience. my love. my faith.

my best.

because these three little people bring me so. much. joy.

and they deserve no less.

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the osbornes said...

this is so sweet! You are really a great writer, and I love reading about your sweet fam!