Saturday, March 19, 2011

i got to witness a miracle!

with it being said that there is "one born every minute"...i honestly believe then that miracles happen every minute. to me, there is little else more beautiful than the birth of a baby. i've obviously had the opportunity to give birth a few times myself...but until march 2nd...i had never witnessed a baby being born that wasn't mine!

sure in 1986...i almost made my way into the delivery room to see slade being born. unfortunately, they didn't allow 9 years old in there!

fast forward to 2002...i narrowly missed seeing my precious friend mer give birth to her first baby boy! she pushed...and she pushed...and she pushed...and she finally birthed that beautiful BIG boy via a cesarean! once again, i would have gone in there too...but it was hubbies only!!!

so when my sister in law gave me the special invitation to be in the room for the birth of her third boy...i was beyond excited and honored!

the beauty of the moment did not let me down!

at 3:26 p.m., those of us in delivery room #5 witnessed luke cotton tucker take his first breath. it was amazing...and just like the tears flowed when i saw my daughters for the first heart melted when i saw my nephew...and i cried.
luke cotton tucker
7 lbs 9 oz

he was so tiny and so perfect. and so loved.

it was absolutely a miracle...and i loved every second of that experience. it will definitely be tucked away in my heart forever.

we love you, luke...and can't wait to watch you grow!

yep...babies look good in my arms...maybe i need to "order" another one!!!!! :)

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tuckerfam said...

Oh, I love this post! you really summed up his wonderful birth! I loved having you be a part of our special day! Sweet baby luke is gonna LOVE his Aunt Mere-Mere as much as his big brother's do!!!