Wednesday, August 25, 2010

my "spa" day...

here is how the "convo" went today between maddie and me during our "spa" in the shower...

maddie: "sit right here m' name is annalise...and i'm going to brush your hair for 15 hours"

me: (in my head...if only this were true...i might think i've died and gone to heaven!) "can i close my eyes?"

maddie: "yes, you can."

me: "how many years have you been doing hair?"

maddie: "1,000."

me: "oh, how old are you?"

maddie: "16."

me: "oh, do you have children?"

maddie: "yes, three."

me: "how old are they and are they boys or girls?"

maddie: "one is 1,005, one is 65, and one is 35...they are all girls. oh, and my baby anabelle is asleep in her bed...that's her juice."

me: "are you married?"

maddie: "no."

me: "why not?"

maddie: "my daddy doesn't want me to."

me: "why?"

maddie: "he wants me to stay normal." (***folks i gotta tell ya...this statement about blew me out of the water literally...i could hardly contain my fits of laughter...could anything be more true?!?!?!***)

me: (once i composed myself) "where do you live?"

maddie: "i live here in this old house...where i work...this is an old brush i'm using on your hair. it was here."

me: "do you like to cook?"

maddie: "i cook icees for my kids. but i eat "begetables"...broccoli, potatoes, green's hard work."

me: "what is hard work?"

maddie: "eating vegetables." "ok, you're done...your hair's not curly anymore."

me: "ok, thank you...what do i owe you?"

maddie: "$1,000." "ok, you can go back to being my mommy now."

this is the stuff life is made of.


Lisa said...

That kid is a genius! I'm loving her fees. At those rates she'll be able to retire early. The only thing she might want to rethink would be the age gap between children. That's quite a spread between kiddos. Love yal!

Mama Mia said...

I think she's really got quite the theory going about getting married....didn't we all used to be pretty normal???? Hysterical. This was a fun smile to end the day! Thanks for sharing - wish I could partake of her services, but I feel that her prices are a bit steep for me at this point!! jennifer defatta