Sunday, August 1, 2010

momma said there'd be days like this...

whew. what a day. one of those days where i'm counting down the minutes until i can say "it's tomorrow". one of those days that just beats you up and leaves you feeling. defeated.

there is everything and then nothing at all that made it a particularly rough day...but i just feel like i questioned every one of my purposes...and quite possibly had every one of my purposes questioned.

my children were waging a war against me (or so it felt) and apparently didn't see me waving my gigantic white flag above my head. my husband and i were feeling at odds over a parenting issue...which is crazy in and of itself that we have children that are now old enough to require some "issuing" (yes, i just made up that word) over...and i just felt "BLAH" about the whole thing.

it was a day that maybe i just needed a little bit more "hey mom...or hey babe...thanks for trying so hard"...even when i fall waaaaaaaay short of the mark. "thanks for washing and folding that bazillionth (i'm on a roll here) load of laundry...what would we do without you" kinda day.

thank goodness they are few and far between...because i don't like 'em one bit. i'm pretty sure my resident dwellers would say the same..."mom sure is nicer when she's nice." i just felt. edgy.

hopefully, a good night's sleep will help to renew my spirit...

and fortify me. to focus on the things that i am. and not those that i am not.

for there will be many more days like these.


Lindsey Swander said...

Tomorrow will be better....I know it!! Sweet dreams!!

Lisa said...

Oh gurl days like that can beat you down. Thank God for tomorrows! I'll hope for a better one for you.
Love you.

Christi Johnson said...

Sister, I had the SAME day! Maybe it's the Louisiana heat, and the kids getting antsy and needing to get back in school. Whatever it is, i'm ready for it to pass too! I was in a funk, and Brad and I were battling "school" issues. I didn't even get out of my pjs yesterday, so you're not alone ; )

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

I love you.

Just the way you are.