Wednesday, August 15, 2012

my heart now goes to kindergarten & 2nd grade...

it's hard to put into words what being a mother does to you.  it has been said that to have children is to have a part of your heart walking around outside of your body...that may describe just a smidge of what it feels like to me.  i watch my girls during the day...when they are just doing their normal "things"...and i simply cannot believe that God chose me to me their mommy.  

i took all three of them to the pool today so that we could send off summer together.  we had such a great time...listening to them laughing with each other was like medicine for my soul...and i am thankful every. single. day that they have each other.  and i am thankful every. single. day. that i have them.  

it seems like only moments ago that ella was getting ready to walk out the door for her first day of kindergarten...and now we are setting out her uniform for her first day of second grade.  it makes my heart skip a beat.  her snaggle tooth grin melts that skipping heart and i am so proud of who she is...she's left the "little girl" stage behind like a distant memory...and i find myself scared that i'm going to forget her "littleness"...but so excited for what's ahead.  she's a person.  i mean she's always been a person...but now she's a person that can express herself in such a mature way...and if i'm being honest - it freaks me out!!!  she is loving, loyal, determined & oh so much more.  i love her more than words.

then there's my boo...oh my precious baby boo boo.  the thought of her being at "big school" makes that already skipping heart of mine sink.  madeline is such my timid little lady...i know she's gonna do great things...i just cannot imagine her doing them without me right by her side (although i'll kinda be right. by. her. side...since i'm working at her school and all!!!!!)  she has one of the purest hearts i've ever known a child to have...and if i'm not careful...i could literally cry every time i talk about her.  ALL of my children have so many things for which i am blessed...but this little middle child of mine grabs a hold of something inside me that touches me.  she changes me.  for the better.  i love her more than words.

oh sweet ava...miss sassafrass!  she will be a "poleman puppy" two days a week and i cannot wait to hear what kind of adventures she has...and bridget!!!!!  she is fiercely independent...HIL-AIR-E-OUS...truly - if you haven't had the opportunity to have a conversation with this're missing out...adorable in my eyes...and juicy (her buns make me want to giggle uncontrollably!!!)!!!!  for some reason, sending her out into the world seems right...she will do wonderfully...and she can take care of herself!  nobody is gonna get the best of this little thing...much to my dismay sometimes!  i cannot imagine my life without my little sidekick...but i know she's going to love st. paul's...and it's only for a few hours a week!!!!!  i love her more than words. heart is definitely "walking around outside of me" three different places...every second.  of every day.  it beats for them and with them.  it loves in a way i can never explain.  i look in those three little pairs of eyes...and realize my heart could never want for more.

here's to a great year, girls...filled with adventure, fun, & lots of love!  

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The Shaver Family said...

I don't know why, but I love those girls soooo much. I know I will probably never have girls of my own so in a small way I feel like they are mine. Each one is so beautiful and precious in their own way and you are one amazing momma! I just love your famliy.