Monday, February 7, 2011

it's official...

we had a REAL snow day!!!!
we were oh so very excited to actually SEE snow falling from the sky and STICKING to the ground! the kids could not get suited up fast enough...which meant that jeffrey and i had to gear up ourselves! ava looked like a pink version of the "marshmallow man"...and wasn't too sure about the snow AT ALL at first...but soon warmed up to the idea! however, her poor hands and nose didn't warm up at all!!!!! her little self froze quickly...and we had to bring her in to thaw out!!!

ella & maddie had an absolute blast! they played outside for hours...and never seemed affected by the cold one bit!

it was a fun day filled with lots of playing, movie watching, and snuggling...and it looks like we get another one tomorrow!!!

hard to see...but the snow is really coming down!!!

this picture just cracks me up...look at ava's face!!!

sweet little snow bunnies!!!

look at all the pink...

making snow angels!

i love these little people "snow" much...i just HAD to...i know...cheesy!!!

sledding down gran & poppy's driveway!

so fun!

look at this little baby...laid back! priceless!!!

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