Tuesday, February 1, 2011


i could pretty much stop this post at that...ahhhhhhh...

because that's exactly how i would sum up this past weekend!

for the first time since may 2008, my husband and i were able to take a "weekend getaway" with our friends the hables! to say that it was fabulous would be a huge understatement for me...i truly didn't realize how much my mind, body, soul, and marriage needed restoring until i made the break and went!

leaving my children is very hard for me. i'm aware i have control issues...and i'm aware that i'm just gonna miss them...terribly...but man, this was just what the doctor ordered for me!

jeffrey and i left early friday morning to head to tyler, texas to meet up with our friends megan and chris! we loaded up in their ride and made our way to austin for a relaxing weekend at the barton creek resort and spa.

see what i mean...ahhhhhhh!

the men...or shall i say "boys"...headed out for a round of golf as soon as we arrived...so megan and i headed out for a round of shopping! it was so. much. fun! we even allowed a sales lady to assist us in trying on clothes...the majority of which i knew i was not buying...but it was fun to just play! in the end...i ended up spending my money buying "happies" for my children! can't break old habits over night!!!

we picked up our significant others and made our way to "the oasis" for a fun dinner overlooking lake travis! the "after party" consisted of driving around looking for a milk shake...but ended at the HEB buying pints of ice cream and plastic spoons! i personally find those little nuggets the most fun parts of vacation! we sat around the fire pit, under the stars, laughing and licking our spoons until it was time to call it a day!

after a short, but great night of sleep...megan and i were ready for our first spa treatment! the boys were already enjoying their "2nd 18"...so we had the morning to enjoy our pampering. i had the best massage i may have ever had...and as the weekend progressed..."gavin" would become a household name!!!! we shared many a laugh regarding my masseuse!!!!!!

that's really when the "ahhhhhh" part of the weekend started...it was amazing!

megan and i went back to our rooms to clean up and decided to spend the afternoon "caddying" for our husbands during their 3rd round. the weather was gorgeous, low 70's, so it was nice to be outside soaking up the fresh air! the guys played, what i would consider, a pretty nice round of golf...and megan and i enjoyed driving the carts! i hit a few shots...one going about 150 yards from the men's tee box...and certainly the only one worth noting...but we had a blast!!!!!

we finished up #18 with little day light to spare...and starving! after getting a couple of dinner recommendations, we decided to head downtown to perry's steakhouse! excellent choice! i'm pretty sure i'll be dreaming about the asparagus i ate for a while...and the lobster tail!!!

it was a wonderful dinner with wonderful friends...filled with lots of laughter! even though we were stuffed...we attempted another milk share find...but came up empty handed again! i'm think we were saved by divine intervention on this one...because i don't know how i could have pulled it off!!!!

we ended the night with another conversation by the fire pit...of course, it was after midnight when we went to bed! so much for catching up on our sleep while we were without children! we were all enjoying the company so much!

on sunday morning, megan and i went for our final spa treatment...we both chose to have another massage...and you guessed it..."gavin" came through again!!!! ahhhhhh! it might have been even better the second time! it. was. fabulous!

we joined the boys for lunch overlooking the hill country...and called our weekend to a close.

i was certainly ready to see my precious girls...but it made me realize that it's ok to want to take a few moments to be a wife... just take a few moments for myself. we all need that...even though our jobs as mothers are some of the most fulfilling! i know i forgot that during my three year hiatus...but i don't intend to forget it any time soon!!!!

i have felt so refreshed in the two days i've been home...and i'm so thankful for that! thank you to our family for handling our precious cargo with care...and thank you megan and chris for making the weekend so much fun!

i'm already looking forward to "the next time"...even though i don't know when or where that will be!!!!!

this was the view from our hotel room!

these guys cut up the whole time!!!

the sunset was beautiful!!!

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Lindsey Swander said...

looks like y'all had a great time!! we've never stayed there, but had dinner there one night. it was breathtaking!!