Thursday, June 17, 2010

our "fourth" child...

no...i'm not speaking of another "human child"! (mom, you can stand up now 'cause i'm sure you have fainted!!!)

i'm speaking of our new landscaping!!! our home got a "haircut"of sorts.

i heart our house. i mean, i really, really love it. but the landscaping had gotten a bit wild and wooly for my taste! with the help of a local nursery...we got a "facelift" and i just couldn't be happier!

we went from this (if only you could see all of the weeds & overgrowth):

to this!
so far, i have been able to keep it all alive...which is a HUGE feat for me!!!! which is why i say it's been like a fourth child...requiring lots of tlc...and water!!!!!

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